Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween candy

Dentist Candy Buy-Back. It is the greatest thing ever.

Before, with five pounds of candy each:

After, with $5 each:

The deal is I match what they get for their candy.

So here is what Andi bought with her $9 ($1 for tithing):

And what David bought with his $9 (and a JoAnns coupon):

David used the extra dollar and bought plain pens from the dollar store for his decorated pen business.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


 We carved pumpkins on Halloween. We weren't sure we were even going to go out so we did this just in case.
Andi's pumpkin, to her specifications:

Mine is the middle pumpkin with the square teeth. David's on the right. He designed that himself. Drew the eyes very specifically and was a rather hard-nosed supervisor.

We ended up going out. We went to a friend's neighborhood. Perfect loop. Done in an hour and half. Didn't get too wet.

Came home to this:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cider Mill

We went to a cider mill the second weekend of October. My midwife was having a midwifery reunion potluck-picnic and we I wanted to go. Lots of fun stuff for the kids to do:


Corn Pit

Play castle and long slides

Hayride and pumpkin patch

Cider donuts for all

UPDATE FOR CLARIFICATION: I am NOT pregnant. NOT. At all. This was just a chance for Kate to catch up with all of the families for whom she has been a midwife. Our family is not growing by two feet any time soon.