Thursday, March 12, 2015


Crazy catch-up. You ready?

We hardly ever get out to Meijer these days. There isn't one terribly near us, so we tend to utilize WalMart and Kroger. So it was a big deal to go and ride the penny horse.
 We got a new star for our tree this year. And colored lights. So fancy.
 I made slip-covers and curtains for a friend.
 This was the before picture, I hemmed them up after this. I made six panels like this. I believe I shall have to make some curtains like these for myself.
 We randomly drove past the Wiener Mobile as we were out delivering Christmas boxes. So random, so fun. The kids got whistles.

 Jonathan's sister, Natalia, and her husband, Dawson, drove through Michigan on their way to his parents' for Christmas. It was a delight to have them visit. The kids loved seeing them.

 We spent Christmas Eve getting pictures with Santa, though Peter refused to participate. Maybe next year. We love this Santa, we see him every year.
 We had roast duck for dinner. I hardly ate. I came down with a nasty cold over Christmas and by Christmas Eve I was out of it.

 We had a grand Christmas.
 The kids ate the gingerbread houses...

 The kids got woolen base layers from Nanny and Bob. Those have been the most used gift of all! The kids really love having their warm under layers for this cold weather we've had the past few months.
Christmas also gave the kids Build-A-Bear gift cards. That might have to become a thing for us. The kids loved it!

 I got an ice cream cake for my birthday. It was the best! I've been wanting one for years, it was just grand to finally get one. :)

 Natalia and Dawson stopped back through on their way back to their home, they just happened to be there for my birthday. It was quite the party.

And that is 2014 done. We were not sad to see it go. It was a heck of a year.