Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 David made paper shoes. He really wanted to document the occasion. He's a goofball.

David decided that his favorite things to do is read and write. He reads all day now, and he writes stories all the time.  I'm really glad. Even when it is his bedtime.

 Peter does not like to be told NO. I took bread away from him.
His blood tests came back completely normal last week. His iron was a little high, so he's off the iron supplements. Turns out it was never that low to begin with, they aren't even all that sure why DMC put him on the iron in the first place. What we know for sure is that some sort of infection or virus or something attacked Peter's bone marrow and he quit producing new blood for a while. We have no idea what caused that, but even crazier is we have no idea what caused his bone marrow to start working again. The kid is a walking miracle. He is back to his normal, happy, active self. The only problem we still have is the diapers; he is still having diarrhea. We're going on four months. We'll get there.

 We do Summer Slide Prevention every morning. David reads to Andi, does typing practice, handwriting worksheets, and a math page. I read "Story of the World" and work with Andi on her letters. She's learning to spell her name.

Andi loves "doing school". We've tried in the past, but nothing really stuck. I've been waiting for her to be ready. I think she is now. I'm working with her so she'll be sort of ready for preschool this fall. I feel it is important to get her enrolled because I don't think dumping her in kindergarten next year, five days a week, seven hours a day will be good for her. She tends to mentally shut down in complicated, new situations. And she still acts very much like a two-year-old in many situations. We've been told it is because she missed so many behavioral cues between her first and third birthday due to her hearing loss. Talked to some friends tonight that suggested I get her an IEP (?) and look into the Special Student Services (??) available to the kids in our district. Can I just say, I feel like I need a decoder ring. I have no idea what any of this means. Never heard of any of this before, home schoolers generally don't need this stuff...

I'll figure it out. Although any advice would be so welcomed. What do you do with an adorable kid that needs some real help getting her ready for the mental/emotional rigors of school?

 Summer warmth = sprinkler play.
 Even if the water coming out of the sprinkler can't be more than 40*.
 Which is why Peter opted for a warm bath instead.

We also spent time around a small fire roasting marshmallows. Peter painted his face.

I'm taking some time to do my own personal healing. For the first time ever I'm sewing a quilt for ME. Every single quilt I've made I've given away. Not now. I want to do something for me. So here is one quarter of a block. Proof that I'm taking time for me.
 I've also taken a lot of time to think the last couple of weeks. I've done a ton of reading, and a ton of thinking, and I'm sure Jonathan is tired of all the talking I've been doing, too. I've got lots of questions still. And I'm still hurting. A lot. I've gotten some amazing advice from many people, censure from another. I'm grateful for the advice, it has been heartfelt and kind. A friend's mother, who I look up to so much, has been through many of the struggles and trials I am working through now. Her words brought so much peace and comfort to my heart. If there is a God, he's doing an awfully good job putting the right words into my friends' hearts and minds so I get the message I need loud and clear. Now if I could just get the message on my own that would be great. And whatever the answer is, I'll take it. Oh, and some support, too. I compared God to a bra today (please don't laugh until you've finished reading this): I get that sometimes we have lemons, and sometimes we have melons. Hefting them around sucks, but when you've got the proper support it is not so bad. Well, I need the spiritual bra so that I can heft life's melons around without hurting my back. I feel like, despite my best efforts, I've not gotten that supportive bra (maybe I need a corset?). Ugh. Whatever. I'll figure it out. That and Pete's problems, I'll figure them out too.

Speaking of the cutie....
His s'mores face is just too adorable to not share again. :)