Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Andi developed a slight cough last Thursday. It was a really wet cough that I really hoped wouldn't turn into anything huge. But by Friday morning she wasn't breathing very well at all. Lots of wheezing, retraction, and a low-grade fever warranted an office visit. Sadly, I had been to that office Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday already. *sigh* She got a breathing treatment, x-ray on her lungs, and CBC run. After that she was pooped. We got home and she crashed.
After the breathing treatment her lungs had sounded better, still rattly, but better. But after she got up from her nap things got way worse. She couldn't breathe, had pain in her belly, and wouldn't touch food. After another call to the pediatrician we were sent to the ER.

They gave us another breathing treatment, commented on how nasty her lungs sounded despite the treatment, but said that her x-ray had only shown a couple of places of possible pneumonia. So they gave us the Rx for albuteral and sent us home.

 That next morning she was doing much better. Yay! Breathing was better, cough was getting better, and she seemed on the mend.

So it was David's turn.

After we'd determined that Andi was not going to need to be admitted to the hospital, David and I went Saturday morning and ran a 5K we've all been training for (Jonathan stayed home with Pete and Sicko 1).
 David won the kids' costume contest! Yay!
We faired at about middle of the pack. David had a lot of fun and we agreed that it is something we'd like to do again.

But by that evening David was really sick. He threw up his dinner, and his stomach was killing him. I told him to drink more water and he went to bed without complaint. Sunday morning he was feeling fine, so he and Jonathan went off to church while I stayed home with Pete and Andi. Jonathan and David had lunch when they got home, and things quickly started to go downhill again. David felt sick, his stomach started to hurt worse and worse, and he sat up on his bed in pain most of the afternoon. We just kept giving him water and hoping it would go away. But he started throwing up again, and this time it lasted longer and was worse.

Monday morning he woke up feeling much better. He had breakfast, did his school work, went to his class, came home.... had a bite of lunch... And once again his stomach was hurting him. No amount of water helped, and we finally realized he might be constipated. Called the nurse at our pediatrician and she said to give him prune juice.

We gave him the prune juice.

An hour later he was throwing up everything and was in worse pain that ever before. Another call to the on-call doc sent us to the ER. Again.

 They ran the gamut of tests... X-rays, CBC, urine test, ultrasound, CT when the ultrasound couldn't rule out appendicitis... They gave him an IV and pumped him full of fluids (that IV really freaked him out, he did NOT like the idea of something being left still inside of him). They gave him zofran... He watched Nightmare Before Christmas on TV then fell asleep around midnight.

An hour later I had to wake him up to give him 12 oz of juice and contrast liquid. 12!!! That was a lot of liquids. And all at once was crazy. But he did it, though he doesn't remember drinking anything at all that night. I'd believe that, because he was so out of it he kept taking sips and trying to lie down and agreeing to what I was saying but doing the exact opposite. He was really out of it, poor kid.

They finally got him to his CT scan around 2:45. We got back to our room at 3:00. By 3:30 they'd ruled out appendicitis and bowel obstructions and told us he probably had the flu and would be throwing up for the next two weeks. They gave us a Rx for zofran and sent us home.

1) SOOOOOO glad it was not something surgical.
2) Flu?? Whatever.

We got home around 4:00, I got to bed (after feeding Peter) at 4:30. Tuesday was lost. We spent the day in Pjs and watched movies all day. I spent more time organizing things, but it was an unproductive day. David didn't throw up, though he spent a LOT of time in the bathroom finally clearing things out. yay.

Andi still has a nasty cough. Still very wet. Peter is getting it now too. Both are spending some time everyday with the nebulizer.

David went two days without throwing up and his healthy appetite has returned. Though he is now coughing, too.

As tomorrow there is a 100% chance of rain for our trick-or-treating time I am really not sure it will even be worth it. The kids will be sad to miss it, but really... why take the risk? I've spent enough time with doctors and hospitals to last me a good year now, maybe two. We'll see how they are tomorrow.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peter's birthday

I can hardly believe it, but a year has flown by and my baby is officially a year old. Sad moment, happy moment. Many moments rolled into one! I'm so glad to have him in my life. Our family is a happier place with him in it.

To celebrate we took a trip into Detroit and visited Belle Isle, a place happily situated on the Detroit river. Canada has never been closer! It was a fun visit. We first had a picnic at the fountain, then set about scouting out good places for our yearly photos.

I was afraid that our pictures would all be a bust. It was very windy and the kids were not very cooperative, especially the birthday boy himself. We took a break and played on one of the many playgrounds...

After playing for a while we managed to get a few more photos. We never did manage to get a decent family photo, but just as we were packing up the wind stalled just long enough for us to get the perfect shot of Peter. Yay! We decided to not press our luck and take what we'd gotten and head home.

 It became abundantly clear why we'd had such a hard time getting photos as soon as we headed out... Sleepy kids! Ha!

Traffic out of Detroit was miserable. But we eventually made our way to a cider mill near our home and had yummy pizza and fabulous donuts and cider.

Peter knew just where to find the good stuff!

So we didn't sing Happy Birthday, but we still had yummy little cakes. And Peter enjoyed them. :)

Nom! Nom! Nom!

So by the end of the day we had a few decent shots, and I sat back and admired my pretty kids. :) Not sure when they got so big on me, though...

 Try as we might we could NOT get all three kids looking at the camera in some decent pose. Oh well, more character. Truer character. Ha!

And the golden shot of the day:
I love my little birthday boy! We finally managed to capture his jovial spirit in that picture.

And now three fun little pictures are waiting to go on our wall, showing us their smiling faces so when they have their grumpy moments we can all remember how happy they can be. ;)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Nights

Andi started her new ballet classes tonight. She has so missed this and I hadn't realized just how much until tonight.

Dance is from 5:00-5:30. Then we have ten minutes to get to the pool and have her dressed for swim lessons. She did very well there, too.

Peter and I did not swim today. Peter is teething and he got slammed with allergies last week. Then it started to change and has turned into a sinus cold. So he stayed out of the cold water.

David did very well during his lessons, too. He really loves the lessons. The first week there was a young boy who was not paying attention to the teacher and not following the rules. David ended up being by this boy and was very happy to go along with his antics. After explaining how dangerous it is to not listen to the teacher (especially in the water) and how he really needed to listen to and obey the teacher David thought a moment. He said, "Maybe I should play with another boy in the class. And maybe I should be a good example to Travis so that he is safe, too." True to his word he has listened attentively to the teacher and swims with another boy who also listens to the teacher and encourages everyone else to do the same. I'm proud of him.

On our way out I realized that I could not find my keys anywhere. We looked in the car but I could not see them. We went back and retraced our steps but still could not find the silly things. I figured I'd probably set them on the floor when I pulled the stroller out. I haven't used the stroller before now, so it was an addition to my routine and that almost always throws me off. So after talking to the life guards they secured a wire hanger for me and I was able to get it through the windows (that I'd left open a crack, not something I generally like to do but did for some reason today, probably Divine intervention), unlock the car and find the keys. Yahoo! We all prayed our thanks for finding the keys and for our ability to get into the car without calling road-side assistance. :)