Monday, December 16, 2013


Andi played Mary in one of the performances of the Nativity story at preschool. She was very impressed with Mary when we went to One Night in Bethlehem a couple weeks ago. So when she was offered the part at preschool she OWNED it. And was devastated when she had to give another girl a turn in the role.

I gave a talk in Church yesterday. The topic was "Protecting our Families", specifically our children. Went well. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak. I usually learn a lot and this time was no exception. There was a lot that I wanted to talk about but, despite having wonderful paragraphs on a topic, I scrapped a lot and went with what I really felt Heavenly Father wanted me to say. So truly wasn't my talk. Emailed it to a few people who asked for it, I hope it helps them. I can't talk about the object lesson because it is a Christmas present for family. Maybe I'll mention it later. Remind me. ;)

Moving forward with the house hunt. We submitted an application for a house, waiting to get the final word on how that went down. In the mean time I finished my daycare website, am getting fingerprinted tomorrow, and going for my TB test ASAP. So many steps to getting licensed! Glad it will be worth it.

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