Saturday, October 24, 2015

Letter home

We got a letter from Jonathan today! He is very busy, and he's working hard. He told us to look up Victory Tower on youtube. He also said it is much taller in person than it appears in the video. We found him a few days ago on his battalion's Facebook page.

It was a nice thing to see him, we are really missing him. At least the kids haven't been asking that he come home tomorrow. We're all settling in to a good routine, and at least this last week we haven't had meltdowns from the kids (specifically Andi, who is very good at throwing them).

David was invited to a friend's home for a Halloween party. I worked way too hard yesterday to get his costume finished. Fortunately I figured out a good system and was able to whip through the littles' robes and have them finished for tonights Halloween event in the town.

The kids came home with so much candy. Halloween isn't here yet, and already we have more candy than the kids should consume for the rest of the year. I wonder if I can find any dentists in the area that do the candy-buy things. That always seemed to be a big hit with the kids in the past.

We have the trunk-or-treat at Church and then Halloween night. So much candy.

I have long had a dream of seeing my kids embrace Harry Potter and become big fans. I knew it was a special story that I wanted to share with them. So imagine my delight when, this summer, David started reading the books. And when you give a kid a Harry Potter book, they might ask you for a pet rat. And when they name their pet rat Scabbers, they might ask to be Ron Weasley for Halloween. And when they want to be Ron Weasley for Halloween, their little sister might determine she wants to know more about this Harry Potter thing, and then she will want to be Hermione because Hermione is an amazing role model. ;) Yeah, I'm really kinda happy my kids are loving Harry and his story and adventure as much as I did as a kid. It is like introducing them to a life-changing friend, and then watching that friend change their lives, too. It makes me happy.

That and David hates Umbridge too.

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