Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ice Skating

We went ice skating with the cub pack a couple weeks ago. It's funny, we've been here for five years and we've not take the kids skating at all. Every little town has a little skating rink they make in their parks. It is so fun to watch the skaters, but we've never gotten skates and gone. After this pack event we decided that needed to change (just in time for the warmer weather and no ice or snow, but that's another story).

Andi managed to enjoy it once she glued herself to my hand. David never got the gliding concept, but he managed to keep his balance most of the time and would get started, but he never let himself glide and would end up just racing down the rink for thirty feet before wiping out in royal fashion. Peter wanted to be carried the whole time, but he managed to get around pretty well while Jonathan held his hands.

After skating for a couple of hours we headed home. We got hot chocolates on the way home to warm ourselves up. It was tasty, and the kids were happy to have a small reward for all of their hard work at the rink.

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