Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Nights

Andi started her new ballet classes tonight. She has so missed this and I hadn't realized just how much until tonight.

Dance is from 5:00-5:30. Then we have ten minutes to get to the pool and have her dressed for swim lessons. She did very well there, too.

Peter and I did not swim today. Peter is teething and he got slammed with allergies last week. Then it started to change and has turned into a sinus cold. So he stayed out of the cold water.

David did very well during his lessons, too. He really loves the lessons. The first week there was a young boy who was not paying attention to the teacher and not following the rules. David ended up being by this boy and was very happy to go along with his antics. After explaining how dangerous it is to not listen to the teacher (especially in the water) and how he really needed to listen to and obey the teacher David thought a moment. He said, "Maybe I should play with another boy in the class. And maybe I should be a good example to Travis so that he is safe, too." True to his word he has listened attentively to the teacher and swims with another boy who also listens to the teacher and encourages everyone else to do the same. I'm proud of him.

On our way out I realized that I could not find my keys anywhere. We looked in the car but I could not see them. We went back and retraced our steps but still could not find the silly things. I figured I'd probably set them on the floor when I pulled the stroller out. I haven't used the stroller before now, so it was an addition to my routine and that almost always throws me off. So after talking to the life guards they secured a wire hanger for me and I was able to get it through the windows (that I'd left open a crack, not something I generally like to do but did for some reason today, probably Divine intervention), unlock the car and find the keys. Yahoo! We all prayed our thanks for finding the keys and for our ability to get into the car without calling road-side assistance. :)

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