Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peter's birthday

I can hardly believe it, but a year has flown by and my baby is officially a year old. Sad moment, happy moment. Many moments rolled into one! I'm so glad to have him in my life. Our family is a happier place with him in it.

To celebrate we took a trip into Detroit and visited Belle Isle, a place happily situated on the Detroit river. Canada has never been closer! It was a fun visit. We first had a picnic at the fountain, then set about scouting out good places for our yearly photos.

I was afraid that our pictures would all be a bust. It was very windy and the kids were not very cooperative, especially the birthday boy himself. We took a break and played on one of the many playgrounds...

After playing for a while we managed to get a few more photos. We never did manage to get a decent family photo, but just as we were packing up the wind stalled just long enough for us to get the perfect shot of Peter. Yay! We decided to not press our luck and take what we'd gotten and head home.

 It became abundantly clear why we'd had such a hard time getting photos as soon as we headed out... Sleepy kids! Ha!

Traffic out of Detroit was miserable. But we eventually made our way to a cider mill near our home and had yummy pizza and fabulous donuts and cider.

Peter knew just where to find the good stuff!

So we didn't sing Happy Birthday, but we still had yummy little cakes. And Peter enjoyed them. :)

Nom! Nom! Nom!

So by the end of the day we had a few decent shots, and I sat back and admired my pretty kids. :) Not sure when they got so big on me, though...

 Try as we might we could NOT get all three kids looking at the camera in some decent pose. Oh well, more character. Truer character. Ha!

And the golden shot of the day:
I love my little birthday boy! We finally managed to capture his jovial spirit in that picture.

And now three fun little pictures are waiting to go on our wall, showing us their smiling faces so when they have their grumpy moments we can all remember how happy they can be. ;)

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