Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year

So I stopped blogging for a while. For one the app quit working on my phone. I find it terribly inconvenient to have to upload photos from my phone to the computer and then to the blog. I'm lazy I guess. And it is totally a first world problem. And then I started back to school, and the time it took to blog was just not high on the priority list. Especially when morning sickness decided I hadn't experienced enough of it with the last three pregnancies and wanted to make me absolutely bedridden for about three months. Yes, that was fun.

Yes, Little Bit caused quite the stir in my poor stomach. But I finally got over that by Halloween, and I've been fairly okay since.

A few days ago Jonathan got onto the blog and started clicking through old posts. The kids sat around laughing at old pictures and videos for a really long time. After they were in bed he commented on how much they enjoyed reading our personal family history and seeing all of those old pictures... It got me thinking. My journal this last year was pretty bare, too. There are a lot of things I know happened, but very few that I remember. That's part of the reason I keep this blog, so I can go back and remember things that have happened. So the kids know what life was like for them when they were little, because I certainly have a hard time recalling details sometimes. So for the record, I'm going to be a little better. Maybe not daily blogs, but I'll try. The kids will want to know what they did, what they said, and what they looked like. Someday this will be important to them, even if it wasn't much of a priority for me for a while.

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