Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden tours (again)

Our 4x8 foot "bit of earth" (name the book) is looking green and alive. Here's another tour. Just let me know when you get tired of seeing our veggie babies... ;)

We finally filled our last square...
 Poor Thyme. It is really unhappy with me right now, I waited too long to put it in the ground. We'll see how it has done here when I go visit later.

We harvested Radish I's square and planted another batch: Radish III! Radish II is actually ready to harvest right now, too.

On with the tour!

 I'm not sure the peas are going to make it. They are growing very slowly, I might have to plant another batch in September as it gets cooler. The lettuce is super yummy, though! Did you know that red leaf lettuce is actually quite spicy?

Look who we've got here!

And ON that tomato plant (which grew a foot in a week, seriously) are these precious itty-bitty guys!
 Note the poor blighted leaves in the background. Apparently it is a bacteria in the soil. We're always VERY careful to only water at the base of the plant, but rain is not so fastidious. I pulled all of the blighted leaves off, but these few are still there. Hopefully we can prevent any more of the tomato getting blight and actually harvest our tomatoes.

So, the other side!

 They really do creep along everywhere. And we can't move the vines because they've attached themselves to the sting that sections off their square.

 Eggplant blooms are really quite pretty. I've been so happy that we added this one to our garden!

And how about that! Peppers!

And after pulling out the other zucchinis ours have been very happy and have started flowering.

Our cucumbers have also shot up (literally) the last little bit.

Cucumbers, like watermelon, have little tendrils that wrap around just about anything, including other plants. I had a booger of a time correcting these guys and getting them to go UP instead of OVER.

The beans are also doing well, though not as big as I would have liked. They have nice, lightly purple flowers on them and tiny green beans. I thought I'd gotten a picture, but apparently not.

So thus concludes today's tour. Not too much longer and I think we'll have some more yummy foods!

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