Monday, July 1, 2013

Garden update

 We harvested all of Radish I. The kids and I were going to go back and plant another batch but got rained out this afternoon. We've had a TON of rain lately. The biggest day was Thursday while we were at a doc appointment for the kids' well-child check-ups (they're all healthy, by the way). I left the kids inside the foyer and RAN to the back of the parking lot to get the kids. After getting to the entrance I made three trips between the car and the door (all of fifteen feet) to get the kids into the car, buckled, and to get the stroller and our stuff loaded. I looked like I'd stood in my shower. Water was everywhere, and I was completely soaked. Not pretty. Quite cold, actually. ANYWAY. So we've had rain and lots of it lately.

 Obviously the garden loved it.

 My tomato has grown six inches in the last week. I'm going to let it flower now.

My squash and cucumber are really happy, too. I pulled out some extra zucchinis last week to share with people. I think that also helped.

So there you have it. Lots of growing plants. Our salads have all had garden lettuce and radishes lately. Yum.  Somehow it is tastier when you grow it. :)

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