Sunday, September 29, 2013

Faire Friday

We arrived to the Michigan Renaissance Faire grounds a bit later than we'd wanted on Friday. It was their school day, and so we were anticipating some screaming deals to get in. However, we lucked out and got the best deal of them all! A couple of people at the gates complimented the kids on their amazing costumes and offered us their extra, free tickets. WHOOP!! We got in for FREE!!

It was a gorgeous day. It was a tad warm, but there was plenty of shade and a nice breeze. We missed the costume contest by 15 minutes, so wandered around looking at the crafts, the wooden swords, and shows.

Oh, and we met the Queen!
 She and her royal entourage ADORED the kids and their costumes.
 Andi was terrified by all of the attention. We'd already been stopped a couple of times so people could look at the outfits, I think she found it a little overwhelming.
 Funny story, when I took the above picture my camera was competing with another flash! Another photographer was jumping on the photo-op of the queen with these gorgeously dressed children and snapped pictures.
 Then we went and watched the falconry show. It wasn't nearly as good as the one at Scarborough in Texas. But it was still fun to watch these beautiful birds (two Harris hawks and a falcon) fly.
 Peter enjoyed it. ;)

 Andi was not amused. She had to be taken away for screaming. But not before a couple people asked if they could please take her picture. It was not the last time that happened that day, either.
 All in all I think we were asked by 16 different people. Jonathan says there were people who asked the couple of times I wandered off, but I'm not sure how many. All together, though, we had a ton of people asking for their photos, and we got a lot of attention.
We all had a fabulous day! I will definitely go back on the school day, it was a quieter crowd and a lot of fun.

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