Thursday, February 27, 2014

Haircuts and Ham Chowder

Yeah, so I'm really just copying all of my Instagrams over to my blog, but whatever. Cheater post is still a post!

David is nearly finished with his Pinewood derby. He's working on the axels. Slow going when you've got school all day.

Andi has started chewing on her hair again so we decided it was time for another trim. I pulled up a bunch of pictures on Pinterest and she (surprisingly) chose a pixie cut! With BANGS. Do you know how long it took us to grow her dumb bangs out??!!?? TWO YEARS. We finally have them even with the rest of her hair and she wants bangs again.

Oh well. Good thing it is a cute cut.

I also cut David's hair today. He'd REALLY been needing a trim. It was my first real go at scissor cutting the top. I forgot to shape around his ears and the back of his neck, so I have some fixing I need to do in the morning, but other than that I think it turned out okay...

And here's another photo of Andi's cute pixie (a pixie that is more like a short bob than a pixie...). Cute!
(I promise she was happy, just the picture with a smile was fuzzy.)

We got a recipe from my mom for Ham chowder, we have it at least once a week. That can't be healthy, but it is one of the few things that everyone enjoys and will eat without complaint. It also whips together in 20 minutes, so that is a HUGE plus. So dinner tonight was Ham Chowder with extra veggies. Recipe:

Ham Chowder

1 clove garlic
1 onion chopped
1 cup sliced mushrooms (I used canned mushrooms tonight, I forgot to buy fresh)
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour (I use arrowroot powder to make it gluten free)
2 cups milk
One 13 3/4 oz can chicken broth (we like it with a full 32 oz better, not so overwhelmingly rich that way)
1 lb grated sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup cooked broccoli
1 cup cooked carrots
6 oz cooked smoked ham, cut into bite-size cubes
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
3/4 cup corn, frozen or canned

melt butter, cook garlic, onion, and mushroom. Add flour/arrowroot powder, slowly add broth and milk. Slowly add cheddar, stir until melted. Add remaining ingredients.

Ta-da! (my mom included that at the end of the recipe) :)

I steam the broccoli and carrots while preparing everything else. By the time the soup is ready they are done so I just throw them in and serve. Again, favorite soup. We add lots of extras of the veggies. Makes enough for the boys to take some to school/work, and for me and the littles to have some at home with a salad for lunch the next day. Yum!

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