Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

We didn't do anything very special this year. Opted out of the candy and got the kids each a new, red shirt. David cried for joy when he saw his (a Super Mario shirt). I figured David would come home with a ton of candy (which he did) so sugar was the last thing we needed to give to the kids for Valentine's Day.

We sent David off with a wrist corsage for his teacher and several shooting discs that he handed out as his Valentine. Yes, I am one of those terrible parents that doesn't hand out candy. Just call me a snob, I really don't care.

David designed this monster box for his Valentine mailbox. Pretty hysterical if you ask me...

He was quite proud of it and has it displayed in his room now. It will probably stay there until next Valentine's Day.

Jonathan got me a card and a Dr Pepper. Earlier this week he brought home the best gift ever:
Meet Susan. She's adorably cuddly and cute and tiny. We keep mistaking her for a random sock on the floor and almost stepping on her. But she has been the best little pick-me-up for me. Snow and the move and a million stressful things have made my depression battle really tough lately. After my doctor jokingly said I needed a dog  I really started looking into them (apparently they are almost better than meds for people battling depression). However I quickly came to the determination that I am just not ready for a dog. I'd really like a jogging buddy, and that takes a lot of training and work and time, time that I just don't have right now. So I'm getting ready for a good dog by doing a lot of reading and researching. But in the meantime, we found this little gal. She's been the perfect ball of fluffy-happy for everyone. And to make things just awesome, she's totally litter-box trained and doesn't scratch at the furniture. Less work and lots of cuddles for me. It has been comforting. Andi has even been way more calm with her around. We'll see how long that lasts, but for now it is greatly appreciated. Peter, however, is tolerant of her. He will pet her, enjoys watching her play, will follow her around... But the second she tries to climb into his lap he flips! It is rather comical, but the poor chap just doesn't like these little stuffed animals that move. :)

Nothing else to report. There is lots of snow on the ground. I can't wait for summer. And a garden! And the warm weather. And jogging on something other than ice.... I feel a bit like Olaf...

PS - Andi has been Frostbitten - she ADORES Frozen. She wants to be Elsa (why? I don't know, Anna is the one that saves the day). We can't go a day without watching the movie. Her birthday is in May, if you want to be her best friend anything Frozen will make her happy.

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  1. The parents who don't send candy are my favorite!!! ;)