Saturday, March 8, 2014

All About Andi

This week Andi had a very specific movie she wanted to watch. She called it "Beauty and the Rest".

Jonathan was stumped and never figured out what she wanted. Andi and I had the following exchange a couple days later:

"What movie do you want to watch, Andi?"

"Beauty and the Rest!"

......... "What?"

"Beauty and the REST!"

"Beauty and the Beast?"

"NO. Beauty AND THE rest."

A few minutes pass as I try various interpretations to no avail.

"So you want to watch Beauty and the Rest?" (I enunciated each part carefully...)

"Yes! Beauty and the Rest!"

....... "Sleeping Beauty?"


"Ooooooooh! The Beauty that RESTS!! Geez."

And she happily watched her movie. Jonathan was glad I finally figured it out.


We've completely switched to gluten free, and she has a special bracelet she wears during grocery shopping trips, church, and any time we think we might come in contact with people who might try feeding her. Though I'm not sure she needs the bracelet, every time someone hands her anything she asks one question:

"Hm... Is this gwooten?"


Sometimes the gluten thing gets us in trouble. Like when we serve her "oatmayo" for breakfast and she says,

"This has gwooten, it make me sick."

"Um... no. It is gluten free, you can eat it."

"But I don' wike it, so it has gwooten in it."

-.- So if she doesn't like it she decides that it has gluten in it. Great.


She picked out her Easter dress; a big puffy, 50's style dress with a collar. She wants gloves and a hat, too. Her favorite things are purses, nail polish, and pretty things. Sometimes I am included in those pretty things, especially if I wear a dress for the day. :)

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