Thursday, January 30, 2014

Praying Peter

For the last week or so Peter has clasped his little hands, his version of folding his arms, for every single prayer. With no prompting from anyone he simply started being reverent and folding those little arms of his! And through the entire prayer, too! It is just so cute that I played the heathen and took his picture during the prayer at dinner. When I called everyone for bedtime prayers he came running, folded his arms, and stood quietly through the entire, long prayer.

Peter is a very observant baby, probably more so than either of his older siblings. He has very carefully watched our interactions from the time he was a very small baby. I am grateful he has the example of his older brother and sister to follow as I am sure they are the ones who taught him how to pray reverently. :)

In other Peter news, he's been having a rough go of it lately. Poor guy just can't seem to catch a break. His bottom molars came in recently, and the last week he has been very fussy with a low-grade fever. I think there are more teeth trying to make their way in, but I'm not entirely sure yet. And he does NOT like being separated from David. With David having his own room there are many moments where the older two have sequestered themselves away and won't open the door to poor Peter. He just stands outside David's door and cries "MEEEEEEEEE!!! MEEEEE!!!" which is his little way of saying he wants to do/have whatever everyone else is getting/having. He loves other people so much, and he just wants to be with us all the time.

He's mastered the use of the words "No-no!" and "Mama" and "Me". He knows the words "nap", "bedtime", "rabbit", "food", and "eat". He knows his eyes, ears, nose, and bellybutton. And he loves to give hugs to everyone.

Peter is also keenly aware of the feelings of his siblings. A couple weeks ago Jonathan was tickling David to the point that David could only emit piercing shrieks he was laughing so hard. Peter came up, quite concerned, knelt down next to David's head, looked at him a moment, then began to sob uncontrollably. It took David hugging him and comforting him for a long while before Peter calmed down. He's done similar things with Andi on multiple occasions. He sure loves his siblings!

In other news I have the living room just about finished. There is one box left with random things that need to go other places. Next I'm going to work on the littles' room. Then I'll finish out the basement on Saturday.

David started school on Monday. He reports that he has lots of girl friends, but no boy friends yet. They did a science experiment involving popsicles this week that had him quite excited. Today was his first day riding the bus!! I walked him down to the stop and waited for him to get picked up. I intended to greet him off the bus but he was dropped off 15 minutes early and got to the driveway before I saw him. That kid is seriously way too big, when did that happen??

Jonathan is enjoying work. School is kicking his rear, but mostly because he has very little time to actually study.

Andi is taking the lack of gluten much better this go around. She even willingly surrendered a cookie after it was offered to her! I think it is because we are not cutting all grains, just the gluten, so that opens a world of options to us as far as GF cookies and snacks for her occasional treats. She's not missing out on anything so she's happy!

I'm continuing to pursue my daycare licensing. I submitted my application and hope to have everything finalized next week (if the state will ever get back to me!). I'm looking forward to getting that ball rolling. I looked up several other home daycares in the area. I plan on calling them and asking them about their loads, seeing they'd be willing to pass on my information to parents when they are at capacity. Seems like a good lead. And I'm almost finished with Star Trek: Next Generation. Jonathan has made at Trekkie out of me.

Live long and prosper.

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