Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break Adventures I

We had really wanted to go visit family for our Spring Break this year. And then the cars needed significant repairs and our plans had to change. So I made up a list of things we could do during our Spring Break. First on that list was a tour of a chocolate factory. I asked around to see if anyone wanted to go with us and got the tour scheduled. We had five families show up, so we had quite the happy crew on the tour with us. It was so fun!

I couldn't take pictures on the tour, but it was so neat to see how the conveyer belt and chocolatiers turned basic ingredients into the yummy Sander's Salted Caramel Chocolates you can buy at Costco. We got some free samples, too!
After all that chocolate we needed to have lunch. I'd packed a lunch, but it was cold out and not nearly as nice as I had hoped it would be. So we nixed the picnic idea and went with a couple of the other families to McDonalds. The kids played and ate their packed lunch and I got to visit with a couple of remarkable women. Win-win!

Andi's friend C got her mom's phone and snapped a few pictures of the two of them together. The goofballs are so cute! I taught them both while I taught Sunbeams a couple years ago. They've grown up a lot, and their personality and character has grown even more. In these pictures I see a hint of the young women they will be in ten years. I hope they stay as silly, happy, and friendly!

After playing for a while we headed home. I tried to drive by Lake St Clair but had limited success. From what I did see, it is HUGE!! It looks like the ocean, and it isn't even as big as one of the Great Lakes. We are going to go up to Port Huron at the end of the week. That should be fun.

When we got home the kids watched a movie and I taught a piano lesson. After we had the brisket we were supposed to have yesterday. I remembered to put it in the oven this morning. ;)

A good, busy day made for tired children. They happily went to bed and now I have a moment to myself. General Conference catch-up and dishes are the order of business tonight!

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