Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Eve

We kept relatively relaxed for Christmas Eve this year. Helps that I had Chandler here. ;)

First we dressed everyone up in their Christmas outfits and visited Aunt Marilyn. She is always such a joy to see, and it had been too long since we last saw her. David gave her a special pen and we all gave her lots of hugs.

Next we went and stood in line to see Santa. We did it last year and had a lot of fun. This year was positively freezing (I think we were in the 20's), so Chandler and the kids chickened out and Jonathan and I stood in line with Andi until it was our turn to go in to see Santa.

David was excited to see him.

Peter, not so much...
 And Andrea flat out refused to go near him. Oh well. Next year.

Then we went and visited our friends for their Christmas Eve party. They moved to Maryland in August and have been trying to sell their house here since that move. They finally had an offer and were going to close the last week of December, so they decided to take the opportunity to come out for Christmas and say one last goodbye to all of their friends.
 Not the greatest picture, but Andi and M are the BEST of friends. Neither of them have stopped asking to see the other since the move, so they were quickly off and being crazy together as soon as we arrived. I could not get a good picture because M and A were too bouncy to stand still for long!

 David and H were quite happy to see each other, too. These little buddies have sure missed each other. David was very disappointed that we didn't get to see everyone again.

 One last, fond farewell! We sure miss them!

After the party we went to the dancing lights display and admired the snowy scenery...

Couldn't get much more picturesque. :)

After we tucked the kids into bed, Chandler and I sped off to WalMart for last minute food and stocking stuffers. The place was not as busy as I thought it would be, and we managed to get everything together before they closed. We got home early, wrapped presents, and talked past midnight. We set out the presents and were excited to see the kids' reactions in the morning. Giving, especially to kids, is the best part about Christmas!

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