Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Lost count of how many boxes I packed today. It was a lot, though. Kids are packed, bathroom is packed, living room is packed, kitchen is nearly packed, bookshelf is packed. Basement makes me feel like I haven't done anything all week.

Andi had blood drawn for the Celiac Disease panel. Hope it gives us some answers. Doctor told us to eliminate gluten. Again. Girl acts like an addict for a week when we take grains away. Gonna be a heckuva week next week.

Said good-bye to our ward on Sunday. See a few people throughout the week, but otherwise it will be a while before we see anyone again. Sad. :(

Peter cut his bottom molars. Kid has been a mess the last week.

David got mice. He's wanted them for a long time. He finally had the money saved and asked if we could go get them. Max and Ralph joined the family, and Dave is over the moon about it.

I am getting soundly whooped  letting my Dad win Words With Friends.

I have 20 more boxes to pack before Friday evening.

Picard out.

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