Friday, January 3, 2014


 Andi visited her ENT for a check-up on the tubes. I was right, there is significant build up that is blocking her left tube and preventing her from hearing well in that ear. He prescribed her ear drops and we go back in two weeks to see if it helped. I spent a good hour today hashing out a really good menu that excludes grains. Hopefully, between the natural and medical arenas, we can get her back in ship shape. I'm nervous about starting her in Sunbeams this Sunday. She really does not do well with new environments and big changes...

 My old purse was giving out. I needed a new one. I liked the one I made for my sister Christmas of 2012 and had enough leftover fabric so I made one for myself. I also made one for Chandler for Christmas, so we get to be twinkies at Time Out for Women this year. Ha! Lots of pockets in this one, 6 all together. I'd like a smaller wallet now, I keep trying to sketch one out and am not having much luck designing anything I really like. I'll figure something out.

I did NOT run today. The weather forecast indicated that to do so would be painful. Not the coldest we're going to get over the next few days. We're supposed to get significant snowfall on Sunday. I'm not exactly sure how much that is supposed to be, but the 6-8 inches we've gotten over the last couple of days did not qualify as significant.

Peter, who is usually so good and gentle with books, decided that today was the perfect day to destroy most of the book of Genesis while I was making breakfast. Sad, sad day. There's 12 pages ripped out completely, and another 52 torn in half or quarters. It is going to take a really long time to tape all of that back together. And I JUST got rid of all of my extra sets of scriptures. I decided I didn't need all of my old scriptures and sent them off packing. Just as I could have really used them. Oh well. David rarely uses his regular-print set, I'll just use those while I read through Genesis and am taping my copy back together.

Jonathan started his new job today. Yay! He also looked at two other houses today while in the area. *sigh* I do not like house hunting.

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  1. The Church's scripture app is free, has all the scriptures, can be highlighted, tagged and has a link for all the notes you could ever want to make. Best of all, pages do not rip and you can take your scriptures with you anywhere you take your phone with out all the bulk and weight.