Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall photos

We tried to take family photos last Saturday. Not entirely sure how well they turned out, but I gave it my best. We did have a friend come and snap some photos for us, I can't wait to see how those turn out. But for now I've got these:
So my kids are totally cute. And the leaves were gorgeous. Gotta love the great combo.

 Andi has turned into quite the little lady.
 Speaking of Andi, she's had some weird ear discharge the last few days. Word of the wise, when there's weird discharge, DO NOT wait until the ear is bleeding to get the kid into the doctor. It all started Friday, too late for me to call our doc, but by Monday when I went to call them her ear was bleeding. Not cool. The doctor looked at it, said the ear canal was red and bloody, and to get her into the ENT ASAP. Fun. We go tomorrow. I wish I'd taken her to urgent care on Saturday.

 Peter is getting huge. He turns 2 on Saturday. Jonathan and I completely forgot about that until a day ago. Yes, I'm that mother. Ugh. Whatever, someday I'll have a brain and I won't forget my children's birthdays when I've been repeating them multiple times a day to nurses and doctors asking to confirm their birthday.

 2 years old. That's crazy. I can't get over how big he is, nor how quickly it has gone by. Even the really bad times went by unbelievably quickly even when they felt like they were taking forever in the moment.

It is also a semi-sad moment as I realize that my baby is growing up... I was three months pregnant when Andi turned 2, and now there aren't any more babies. Boo-hoo. But I enjoy every moment with my baby even more. :)

 And Andrea was happy, I promise the picture before this one she was smiling but the other two were not and were blurry. But it is the one picture I have of all three of them right now. :)

 And then I have Barbie shoes:
So I finally got everything together and was able to go to the orientation for my daycare registration. WAHOO!!! I can't wait to get started. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited for this orientation today. So. EXCITED!!! Things are so looking up, and in a way that I've needed for such a long time. So I am looking forward to getting this ball rolling. Finally. :)

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