Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

The forecast for tonight was terrible with an 80% chance of snow during trick-or-treat hours. The kids wore lots of layers under their costumes but still ended up in coats, mittens, and winter hats before the night was over.

Peter lasted less than an hour, and then Jonathan took him home in the stroller while I finished taking the big kids around. They got quite the haul... That means a decent amount of $$ after we take it to the dentist. David likes that idea.

Andi didn't last much longer than Peter, she really just wanted to get home and warm up. We'd finished the major streets so home we went. David and I drove to one house we've been looking at for weeks:

Quite the set up! Our favorite feature was the creepy movie playing in the windows.

And just as we were climbing into the car, declaring it a night and inspecting the loot, the first flakes of this winter began to fall.


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