Thursday, October 2, 2014

Out to play

The last couple of weeks I've been trying extra hard to get the littles out of the house with me while David is at school. It makes the day less tiresome and we have had a lot of fun exploring. Today we went on a hike at Kensington's nature center.

I brought along a bag of bird seed because I'd heard that there was a trail where little birds liked to eat from your hands. We stumbled on it and had a blast hand feeding chickadees.
 She said, "I'm like a princess!"

 Peter tried and tried to feed them, but he was yelling "Birrrrrrrrrrrd!" too loudly and scaring them off from him. That trail is definitely something we'll check out in the future.

Last week we went to Kensington's farm center (Kensington is a pretty happenin' place).

 So hard to get a decent picture of these two... We stayed for about an hour checking out all of the animals. We didn't stay much by the pigs, they were giving off an ungodly stench and we were gagging. But the goats were fun, all except the one that gave a low, guttural bleat that about scared the pants off of Peter. He was patting her side when she turned and grumbled at him, and he was so startled he started crying. We got away quickly, especially as Peter's cries prompted the donkey to start braying, the two sounds were awfully similar... Thank goodness for blasé cows.

We spent the rest of the afternoon refilling the flower bed in front of the house. The peas and melons were done for the season, the gardens needed a face lift. We hit up WalMart for clearance flowers that needed a little dirt and TLC and we came out with a pretty flower garden:

We've got a couple more beds to do before we're done.

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