Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It is getting colder, the sun rises shortly before 8, and sets before 5. Hats, scarves, gloves and mittens multiply and replenish the entry way, and I'm constantly asking "Where does your coat belong? On the floor like this, or hanging up??"

Going outside becomes a task requiring at least twenty minutes of prep. Quick! Snow pants, then sweatshirt! Where's your coat? No, not your dress coat, your play coat. Yes, that one. Hat, scarf, are these your mittens or Peter's? Are you sure? Socks! Now boots. NEXT!! Lather, rinse, repeat three times. Out we go! And you're still cold? Yep, me too. Go run around, you'll warm up.

Five minutes later cherry noses and rosey cheeks are ready to come back in. I make them play a little longer because I worked too hard to get them ready. I don't think they mind most of the time...

We have warm soups several times a week. Warm bellies make for sleepier children who sleep soundly in snugly beds and thick blankets.

The house is snug and warm, safe from most of the chilly breezes. We are hunkering down for winter, warm and safe in our home.

Only two weeks before winter break. David is counting down. I am counting down. I miss having him around. He missed two days last week because he was sick and needed the break. We had so much fun!

I have a little boy at my daycare three days a week. He is a talkative 16 month old that has a love for chalk and trains. Peter has taken to him faster than he did the little girl I watch on Tuesdays. Andrea is upset that there isn't someone her age with which to play. We have been arranging play dates for her so she doesn't feel too left out.

Rechartering is nearly finished. A few more signatures and I will turn in our paperwork and a check. I'm only slightly panicked. Next year will be better.

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