Monday, December 1, 2014

Something I've been reading

I wish I could say I'd been reading some riveting novel or life changing self-help book... But nope. I've been reading a lot about soap.

We currently have soap bursting from the seams. We've almost got a year's supply!

My favorite soap has been a yogurt soap with lemon zest and lemon oil. It comes out pale yellow, velvety soft, and smells like a lemon cookie. Yum. But not, don't eat the soap!!!

Busy time of year was made busier by rechartering our pack. It really isn't that difficult, just time consuming. And I've got to have our paperwork turned in this Friday before racing off for the RS Christmas party. I'm supposed to play the piano there, so I've been practicing a bit more than usual. AND I have a few sewing projects to tend to. I think I'll turn in early tonight and tackle a few of them in the morning.

Dishes are done, floor swept and mopped, homework filed away. Laundry to fold, time on the treadmill, and I should be done with this day.

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