Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bear outing

 We enjoyed a wonderful Indian Summer this week. We had highs in the upper 70's, and it was delightful. It just so happened that David's Bear den needed to have a campfire cookout. They roasted hotdogs and we had chili and potatoes followed up by smores.

 The boys learned how to set up and take down a tent. They also worked on some knots.

 Andi and Peter were stoked to spend time around the fire and then run and play around the yard.

 As we were leaving David found a leopard frog. He insisted on getting a picture for dad.

Speaking of Dad, I got this text from him early the next morning. Along with a call saying he was getting his bus ticket home later that morning. He will arrive December 19th. 42 days.

3. Something I see every day: My children. They are making my life so bright and light these last few weeks. They are my delight and joy.

4. Something I do every day: Cleaning. Usually I HATE cleaning, but I've been working on reframing my annoyance over cleaning. I've found fun in rearranging things, making our home better, weeding out more clutter... It is relieving and therapeutic.

5. Transportation: Airplanes. I grew up flying across the country to spend time with family. I have very vivid memories of being on an airplane, rather young, and sitting by kind strangers that kept my mind busy and distracted from nerves and worry. I have memories with extended family, grandparents, aunts, and uncles that came after flying out to see them. The longest flight I was on took me to England, and for my 16th birthday my mom and I took a trip to London. My most recent trip I took with all three of my kids to Texas where, I hope, they had an opportunity to begin forming life-long memories and relationships.

6. Hobbies: quilting. Another therapeutic activity, it helps me take funny little bits of fabric and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. They go to family and friends, warm hugs that I cannot always give in person but can be communicated via a happy quilt.

Speaking of quilts... I've got one I'm working on right now. My craft to Christmas countdown has begun in earnest. :)

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