Sunday, November 1, 2015

No tricks, all treats

 The kids were adorable, of course. And they stayed toasty warm in their little robes the entire time. I, on the other hand, froze. Ice cube. That was me. I wore my good winter coat, and would have been warm enough had the night stayed nice, but then it started to rain. Not drizzle. Rain. The kids stayed dry except around the hems of their robes and pants. When we got back and I had peeled their robes off they were totally dry, and then I was soaked through. And cold. Oh well. The kids had fun getting their candy, and I had fun walking them around. They were well behaved and happy.

We carved our pumpkins before dinner, and they happily glowed a welcome for us as we walked home. I wasn't sure if their little flames would survive the rain and wind but they did. We saw them, all lit, from down the street and we were all so glad to see them.

In an effort to help myself remain positive, I started specifically hunting for silver linings. As luck would have it, silver linings are shiny and easy to spot most of the time. A tradition I started a few years ago was to take November and have days of gratitude. It seemed just natural to incorporate it into my shiny silver hunt. I found a good list, different from last year, and I'll work from it this month.

So today I am thankful for my home. It is a happy, cosy place. I fall more and more in love with it all the time. I'm navigating the crooked corners in my sleep now, and I'm happy here. It will keep us warm during the winter, and is cool during the summer. But more importantly there are happy little ones who fill the home with laughter and love. And cranky whining, but I can't have perfection all the time now can I? :)

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