Tuesday, May 17, 2016


After a late night Sunday (I had a mandatory meeting at the stake center) the kids and I woke up really late yesterday morning. We were up at 8:50, and school starts at 9:00. That, and Peter's close-eyes-and-collapse response to every request, made for a hectic morning and frustrating morning. But after we finally got the kids to school (only thirty minutes late) I was able to get in a groove despite Peter's melodramatic efforts to thwart me.

Blankets and towels needed washing, so I decided to go ahead and truck all the laundry up and clean everything.

I got some scout stuff taken care of.

We spent time at the park and had a healthy lunch.

I got to the pick-line at a read only time and wasn't late getting the kids.

Andrea made dinner while I worked on her bike.

We had an FHE bike rodeo where Andrea learned to ride without her training wheels. This was a big deal for us both. She's been saying for a while that she already knows how to ride on two wheels, and she was sounding pretty cocky about it, too. But I wouldn't let her ride her bike without the training wheels until we had a chance to practice together. She and David have been itching to ride their bikes to school more often, so two wheel practice became a priority. I picked tonight to teach her and so we all loaded up our bikes and went to the local high school parking lot. It was empty at one end, so there was plenty of room to ride, and a curb and grass separating us from the school driveways so I felt pretty safe.

After the initial ride, and the ensuing shakiness, Andrea actually did pretty well! She had one brief moment of fear and tears, but I calmly told her she could do this, I was running right next to her so she wasn't going to get hurt, and I had a hand on her back. She calmed down and got right back to it. Within five minutes she said she didn't need my help anymore. I was one proud mama. :)

After riding for another half hour we headed off for ice cream at Twist and Shack. Baby comes are 80 cents there, so we really loved going there last year. They have a new sandbox this year, so that distracted the littles from their ice cream (who gets distracted from their ice cream??) but it was still fun.

After that we went home, cleaned up, finished home work, and headed to bed. 

My crazy day ended pretty well. :)

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