Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Kids got sent off to school and made it on time. Yay.

After dishes and picking up Pete and I ran errands.

We stopped at the park again. I got another (third) sunburn. I really need to stick some sunscreen into my purse.

The ice cream truck was at the park, and I happened to have enough quarters to get Peter a treat. I handed him the quarters, and Peter was so excited to give them to the ice cream man that he tripped over his order and almost threw the quarters at the man. Mr. Ice Cream Man gave Peter his Popsicle, collected the quarters, then asked me what I wanted. I said no thanks, and Peter looked up and said in a happy rush "Thank you too much!!" and skipped off. Mr. Ice Cream Man cracked up and said I had the cutest kid. I agree.

He's a pretty cute little guy all right. ;)

We didn't play long. Peter wanted to play at the water today and throw rocks into the river. We saw this GIANT frog (he was at least as big as my hand) and a family of geese.

After the park we went home, I made dinner, the kids got back from school, we ate, and we took off for Walmart so we could get Andi a new backpack (her zipper completely gave out yesterday).

We got home, kids got ready for bed? David and I practiced his song for Sunday... It was a pretty uneventful day.

I wonder if Jonathan's Wednesday was as uneventful.

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