Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Kids got to school on time. Ish. They were only five minutes late.

Peter didn't wig out all day.

After I folded mountains of laundry Pete and I made a trip to the park.

Then we got the big kids and went on a trail ride.

Actually, they rode. I walked and jogged. 

Peter started out staying pretty close to me so I could stop him when he started going to fast down hills.

But then he really figured out hill-braking and took off with the big kids. When I called to them to slow down some he yelled back "Come on, Mom! Go faster!"


I did improve my speed this run. Went further by a tenth of a mile trying to keep up with them. Stinkers.

We had dinner and then changed out clothes. I figured out why I had mountains of laundry. The kids were hanging onto things several sizes too small. I immediately put old clothes into a garbage bag to take to SA and Once Upon a Child so they won't get mixed back into rotation. We are back to our simple capsule wardrobes. Only a few things left on my list to get. Peter needs a couple more shirts and a set of swim trunks, Andrea needs one more pair of shorts and a new swim suit, David is set. So close to summer ready.

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