Monday, May 2, 2016


Another tooth gone. Another piece of her babyhood out. I remember that tooth coming in and it was not a pleasant experience.

Andi has been hyper aware of her upcoming birthday for a while. I think she started counting down (officially) when we had sixty-ish days to go. Now, with eleven days until she turns six, she's just gotten me her wish list: a unicorn (of course), Irish Dance classes, and a Barbie doll (oy vey...). I've already been working on an apron for her, and we got her a mini rolling pin to help foster her desire to become a chef so we will see what of the other things we are able to cover.

We are coming back from our mini vacation happy and ready to get back to our routine. It was a fun little trip. 

We stopped in at the local Ward for church and enjoyed their testimony meeting. It is a small Ward, there weren't ten kids in Jr. Primary and only fifteen sisters in Relief Society. But everyone was very friendly and helpful. Everyone asked if we were moving in. They were only a little disappointed when we said no. :) 

We had lunch on the way out of Muskegon at this fantastic little 50's diner called Toast 'N' Jam. Every bite was delicious!! I would definitely go back there next time we are out on that side of the state.

We went back to the beach to take a nice picture in front of the lighthouse and then started the drive home. 

Susan, Scabbers, and Hermione were glad to have us back. I was glad to see they were all in their proper places and not escaped or eaten.

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