Friday, March 28, 2014

Poopy Peter

WARNING: This is a poop story. And parenting at its best. And no pictures for this post.

At the end of February/early March David came home sick with the runs. It was the pits for a couple days, especially as the rest of us cycled through it. Andi avoided it, Jonathan avoided it. Peter got it BAD. And diapers and diarrhea do not mix. We gave him tons of fluids, kept him hydrated, and we figured he'd clear up like everyone else did within a day.

Well, four weeks later, and countless diaper-explosions and blown outfits later, we finally had had enough and exhausted all of our tricks we knew to do. Time for a trip to the doctor.

Doctor took in all of his symptoms and complaints, and then looked at a rash that we thought was just eczema. He believes they are related and asked us to eliminate gluten and dairy from Peter's diet.

So I give up. My kids are just weird and can't tolerate a lot of the things most others can. Means I just need to give up all of the processed stuff and just make things for myself and my family from scratch.

Whatever. More work is totally fine, I can handle it.

The last couple days Peter actually had NOT had any diaper explosions. But he'd only had wet diapers. And then today he had another explosion. It was so bad. Squished like mud between his toes in his footie pajamas, up past his belly button, and everywhere in between. It was bad enough I didn't even want to take him to the bath, it would have spread too much on the carpet between the living room and bathroom. It was crazy. And I really hope that changing Peter's diet will help. *sigh*

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