Sunday, March 16, 2014


Popcorn and Sunbeams don't mix. Makes a huge mess (though I should have expected that, it is a classroom of three-year-olds).

Despite the mess today, a couple of minor tantrums, and one HUGE diaper explosion (none of which involved my OWN three-year-old), I'm really loving my new calling to teach the three/four-year-olds. They are a delightful group of girls and one funny little boy. I think I would be quite happy to spend a long while there, they are very easy to please. :)

When we got home from church today David discovered that his mouse cage was cracked open. Max was missing. Crap. We hunted through his room but no mouse was found. After a desperate prayer (on my part) we actually SAW Max the Mischievous Mouse run under the dishwasher. At some point he moved to under the refrigerator. David spent the entire afternoon (about four hours) waiting to see if Max would come out. He never did. I'm almost convinced he's moved on and found another hiding place. And I'm not quite sure what to do besides more praying. Blah!

Spent some time in a Google Hangout with Baba and Gran this afternoon. Emma joined a little later. Peter played an adorable game of Peek-A-Boo (one of his favorite games) with them. And we played around with adding a bunch of people to the hangout...

Gotta love the goofballs in the corner:


After discussing a big Michigan visit (YAY!!!) we said our good-byes. So hard being far away from family. So grateful for the technology that keeps us close!

After dinner we read a bunch of books: three Fancy Nancy books (Andi's favorite) and a chapter from a Magic Treehouse book (David's favorite). Kids went to bed and I had a folding marathon while watching Swiss Family Robinson.

Looking forward to another calm week. AND I get to pick up my new glasses this week, so I'll be seeing better soon! My night vision has really been suffering the last six months or so and got to the point that I was scared to drive at night, especially if it were snowing or raining. The dr remedied my near-sightedness (my astigmatism remained the same from my last Rx) so the night vision should be fixed! I also got sunglasses, something that has been recommended to me by several drs because my Rx is so heavy. Sunlight bends right through my lenses and burns my eyes. After the dr pointed out slight malformation of my right retina on a picture he took of my eyes (!!!! Never had THAT done before!!!) I determined a little less damage to my eyes would be a good thing: sunglasses were in order. (As a side note, the dr said the picture looked weird, but everything looked normal when he looked at my eyes himself, and he spent a LONG time on that right eye. He does not think I will be going completely blind anytime soon. So don't freak out, Mom.) All around excited to see clearly and distinctly again. Yay!

David's Pinewood Derby is this week. Wish him luck!

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  1. We had a pet rat growing up and one time she climbed up in a gap in the cabinetry where the dishwasher fit in. She was gone for a long time, but we put some cheese at the bottom and she was eventually lured out. :) Hope you find Max.