Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day

David made a new friend on the bus and then discovered that his new friend was also a member of our ward! Turns out he lives on the next street over, and getting to his house will be very simple this summer. While at the ward's Pinewood Derby we learned that this same family, along with David's new friend, are students at the Irish Dance school I'm so very interested in! They invited us to go watch them perform at a nearby library, and thus began our Saint Patrick's Day celebrations!
 Andi, of course, loved the sparkly dresses. She kept asking if she could be one of them for Halloween and if I would make her one of those dresses (ha).

 Peter loved the dancing, too. He sat through the entire 30-minute performance and didn't get squirmy until the last five! He also decided he needed to go stomp his feet on the board they laid down for the hard shoes. It was pretty adorable.

 David's new buddy is the fuzzy boy on the front row. Turns out there is an entire class of six to seven year old BOYS at this school. David is pretty interested now. :)

Saint Patrick's Day itself was pretty low key. We wore green. I made a fun lunch for everyone. David's got packed up:

I made GF Smac n' cheese for dinner and boiled the noodles in green water. Kids loved it!

We read a little from Saint Patrick's Confessions and recapped his story before going to bed. We listened to a lot of pennywhistle and accordion music during the day and the kids hopped and skipped around the living room. I really like simple days like that. :)

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