Saturday, November 1, 2014

A person I'm thankful for

David is getting so big. He is so helpful and kind, even if he does enjoy pestering his sister sometimes.

 I had a Parent-Teacher conference last month and learned that David is a whole grade ahead of his peers in reading. The teacher is wonderful and placing him in an advanced reading group. So David has been gobbling up the reading he's been given. When a stack of books tumbled out of his backpack the other day I asked why he had so many books. He replied "Because I like reading them."

David has a new pen pal, the son of old singles ward friends. He got his first letter a week or so ago and sent off a letter in return. He is so excited to get another letter and write more about what's been going on. He keeps saying, "I'll have to put that in my next letter!" Things like how he found a dead mouse in Peter's pumpkin. How he dressed as Spyro from Skylander for Halloween. How he went through a corn maze with his cub pack and got through it in 30 minutes flat.

David makes me happy everyday. He makes me worry every day. So much crazy going on around him, I really hope he'll be okay. He's a good kid, he really is. And I love him to death. :)

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