Monday, September 9, 2013

Berry picking

 Peter loved the berries. Shout Prewash loved his sweater.

 He was really not happy when Jonathan pulled him away from our pints of raspberries. Poor Peter, he just wanted a snack!

We all worked hard and picked 12 pints in less than an hour. Then the kids played with the bunnies and goats with Daddy while I got the raspberries settled in the car. When we got home I immediately set to work on some yummy jam. And it sure is yummy!

We have several pints of jam, as well as several smaller jars for Visiting Teaching gifts and gifts for friends at Christmas. I'd like to go back and get more berries! It was a lot of fun picking them, and the kids did so well and worked so hard. I was very grateful for my helpful crew!

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