Sunday, September 15, 2013


My week in pictures:

Andi's Dress - All Pinned Up
Worked a lot on this dress this week. Friday morning Andi said she hated this dress and didn't want to wear it. I said, "Tough." and made this face:

An Amusing Sign
The kids and I spent much of the afternoon on Friday getting Jonathan's gifts for his birthday the next day. Saw this sign and for some reason found it highly entertaining...

Balloons for Dad
 We made a trip to the Dollar Tree and the kids picked out the decorations and party hats, and David found a fun candy dispenser to give to dad (looks like a gum ball machine).

Chasing the Chasing Ducks
We stopped by a park before heading home to wrap all of the presents so that Daddy wouldn't know what his presents were. We might as well not have bothered. He guessed them all correctly anyway. Last time I ever try to surprise him!

Birthday Party!
 We had a birthday breakfast Saturday morning since I was busy all day...

Egg-Eating Cutie Pie

To the Ball - A Friend's Birthday
After the breakfast Andi had a princess party to head off to, I had a cake for a bridal shower to finish, and then I had a Pampered Chef show.

 Somewhere in there I sketched Peter and David's costumes. Fun fun, I've got the shams already picked apart and a couple curtains to cut into. ;)

Today I taught the lesson in Relief Society. It was a good lesson! I had a lot of class participation, which I really appreciated. In all of the crazy of the week I was only able to really sit down and start preparing Friday evening and last night after my show. Not a lot of time! Thank goodness has audio recordings of all of the lessons! I listened to that several times as I was doing other things so I could have the material in my mind and start thinking about what I was going to do. Fortunately the ladies at church REALLY saved me and did all of the teaching. :)

Dinglehopper at Dinner
 Andi really didn't want me taking that picture. But whatever, if she's going to be all cute and Ariel I'm going to take a picture. We had Paleo Pad Thai with shrimp tonight. Yum yum! The kids picked all of the shrimp out and left lots of "noodles" behind. Stinkers.

Story-time Snoozer
Andi fell asleep during story time tonight. Poor thing. Long day. Longer week.

Bed time.

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