Friday, September 6, 2013


1. David's school stuff was a pain to figure out. Figured it out, still wishing I had the $$ to get him the curriculum I really wanted him to be using this year. He got his eyes checked today. He's far-sighted. Apparently normal for this age, just makes seeing small print and dotted lines difficult for him. I guess I'm getting large-print set of scriptures for us to study from.

2. Andi is screaming a lot lately. Not sure what that means. Nothing good. She liked preschool this week. My turn to teach next week.

3. Peter's lip-tie is growing back. I've been religiously stretching that lip but the stinker is still growing it back. Just makes me want to cry. Not sure what else can be done. I have a feeling our days nursing are going to end soon because it is just too painful. Especially after having it pain-free for a week. Oh well.

4. Jonathan has enjoyed his new classes. Intense classes, all of them. Well, some more than others. Had a job interview on Tuesday. Wish I could say I hoped it would turn into a real job. Whatever. I have no control over him acquiring a job.

5. Me? I've decided that exhaustion never ends. Kefir grains don't shrink, they multiply like mice. I can't wait for this year to be over. It has not been my favorite.

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