Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Honesty and blogging

This is my journal. It is the way I store memories, stories, triumphs, and heartaches. For some reason a handwritten journal just never works. I have dozens of notebooks filled with sketches, notes, thoughts I had while reading a scripture, funny anecdotes, etc... But most of all of the important things end up here. And by "most" I mean all of the happy things with smatterings of difficulties.

I'm not entirely sure what is appropriate for a blog that other people read. Most have inferred that things are tough right now with our family. But they aren't tough. Not even close. Life just sucks. And it isn't just Peter's lip tie, or Andi's speech delays and ensuing tantrums, or David's schooling woes. It is much worse. But how much misery do I put on my happy blog about the Merry Mays? Well... Honestly? I don't know.

So please, just once, say a quick prayer for us. Things are really not looking good right now, and getting by day to day is really weighing us all down. Jonathan and I are specifically in need of intense prayers, and the kids need special prayers of peace. Pray that we may have the things we need, the joy to make the best of a difficult, difficult life, and a way for each of us to find happiness at this hour. (Well, I've found my happiness, it is in making amazing Halloween costumes for the kids out of thrifted curtains and dollar store finds. Wahoo! Yay for cheap, gorgeous costumes! More on that later.)

Really, I know I have nothing to complain about. This seems like such a first-world kind of pity party. But from our perspective we are battling a constant barrage of soul-sucking monsters. There's a light at the end of this tunnel, right? That's what I keep telling myself. I hope it blinds me soon.

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