Sunday, June 23, 2013


David almost walked into this little guy today while at the garden:

He was sitting on a ridge hidden amongst some very tall grass. David, walking on the ridge, didn't notice him until he was right next to him!

Now, we saw a newborn deer a couple weeks ago fall asleep next to a friend's pool fence. After a few hours the baby was still there, and the mom had run off. We were all pretty nervous, and my friend very nearly called an animal rehab specialist. After checking on the little guy at 3:00 a.m. (almost twelve hours after mom had deposited the baby at the fence) my friend put a blanket over him and went to bed. The next morning they learned from a neighbor that a twin had been stuck in the pool they were filling in and the mother had been there. They pulled baby B out, and they watched mom, baby B, and baby A run off to safety.

From this we knew not to be worried about the fawn David stumbled upon. They are often left upwards of eight hours before mom comes back to get them, especially when they are this little. And for the first couple of weeks they don't have a scent that predators can pick up on very easily, so they're pretty safe. After grazing for a while mom will come back and get her baby.

We snapped a few pictures then left him alone. We didn't want to touch him (well, I didn't want the kids to touch him) because I didn't want him to get scared and start calling for mom. She would have been one tough cookie and I really did not want to meet her. So off we went to visit our garden.

And it was a successful trip. We pulled off a bunch of leaves from our lettuce for a salad, and I pulled up one radish. They still need another week before we pick the rest from the Radish I square.

The onions are sprouting, the potato is poking through, and the beets are starting to make an appearance. Pretty excited!

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