Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Camp: Day 1

 Our little cub scout had a blast his first day. We found his "ship" (he's on the Enterprise...ha!) and got him settled. Then I went and tried to figure out where my Tot Lot attendant was supposed to go. Figured it out, but no one was staffing the Tot Lot. There were a couple of totes there, but that was it. So while I had volunteered to be a Den Walker (I thought I'd need to stay with D because he's a Tiger Cub), I ended up in the Tot Lot the entire day.

 It actually wasn't too bad. There was another mother and her two kids, and a grandmother and her granddaughter most of the day. There was absolutely no structure, and we were all kind of at a loss of what to do (first time Day Campers, all of us), so we sat around with the kids the whole day and let them have the run of the play yard.

 I did get to go out and see D once while I was pushing the stroller around trying to get the babe to sleep...
 He actually wasn't so much a fan of the bb gun shooting that first day.

 Glad he stuck with it, despite the fact that I never was able to go around with him. I thanked the other den walkers profusely (there were several, we were covered), and they were all more than happy to keep an eye on him. Thank goodness for good scouting moms!

Little P never did sleep much. Two thirty minute naps were all we crammed in, but with all the noise it was more than I expected. At the very end of the day I discovered that he really liked crawling through this tunnel...

Happy dude dealt with the sleep deprivation pretty well...

At the end of the day I asked the camp director I talked to the camp director about the TotLot. I paid $45 for that service for all three days, I was a little disappointed that a staffer never came in and did anything with the kids that were there. Turns out the mom who was going to run it got stuck doing paperwork the whole day. I asked the director if he'd mind if we sort of took it over. He said PLEASE DO!! As it so happens this is the first year they've offered a Tot Lot, so they had no clue what they were doing. I got an orange shirt and became the official Tot Lot staffer. Yay!.... ?!

When we got home I gave Jonathan the low-down for the day. His response to my sudden appointment? "Welcome to the world of scouting; where volunteers find a need and fill it! That's how scouting gets done."

I guess I'll just do my best. ;)

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