Friday, June 28, 2013

Cub Scout Journal

When I mention David's Cub Journal this is what I'm talking about:

Knowing that I wanted to incorporate our Cub stuff with home schooling I decided that David needed a specific journal just for Cub Scouting. I covered a composition notebook with blue paper, then put the Tiger Cub sticker on the front. The scout shop had a set of nifty stickers that included the Tiger, Bear, Wolf, and Bobcat diamonds. They measure about 4"x4" and made the perfect addition to the front of David's book.

David will use his journal to write about his activities, to document his progress, and to complete character connections. Since I have the other stickers as well I will make journals for each year. On the inside front cover I've included a picture of David in uniform from his first pack meeting. On the back cover I'll put a picture of him when he has received his Tiger Cub award. Every year I'll take "before and after" shots of him to inclue in each journal. I think it will be fun to look back at all of his activities and to watch his progress over the years through these journals. I think it will also be a lot of fun someday when he gets his Eagle to have his journals out at his Court of Honor. :)

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