Thursday, June 27, 2013


Every year a neighboring city puts on a HUGE fireworks display. Here things are funny, only a few cities actually shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July. Most displays are held the week before or after. Our first summer here my dad was in town for the big fireworks display, so we decided to go. The show was great, getting out of the parking lot was not. The show ended at 10:30, and we did not get out of the lot until midnight. We spent a whole 45-minute stretch in the car not moving an inch before my dad walked out and around to find us a better way out. A way he found, and we were off! None of us got into bed before 1:00 a.m., and the next morning was a drag.

Last year we went to a balloon launch and watched their fireworks. Fun, but it was far away and we ended up getting home just as late.

This year we wanted to stay close to home, but we did NOT want a repeat of our first year. So rather than go and join all the festivities and stay at the park to watch the fireworks we decided to have our own festivities!

A DQ trip sounded like a fun treat.

 Then we drove to a school near the park where they have the fireworks and parked there. We pulled out chairs and a blanket and were eaten alive by mosquitoes waited.

At 10:06 we heard the first boom!
It was really perfect. We were close enough to see the display but they weren't so loud that they would scare any of the kids. Peter was fascinated.

As soon as the display was over we took off. We were right next to our car, so we bolted and were out and on the road within two minutes of the display's end. We pulled some tricky moves, took a few back roads, and were home within twenty minutes. MUCH better than the previous years.

Andi must have really enjoyed the fireworks because she pitched a royal fit when we went to leave. She refused to walk towards the car, so Jonathan had to run back with a screaming toddler under his arm. She continued to holler until I told her that only little girls who don't scream or cry get to go see more fireworks. As soon as we got home she sat in our chair and fell asleep.

So I would call the evening a success. :)

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