Friday, June 21, 2013

Pack Meeting - Crossing Over

Last night, after a full day at Day Camp, we headed off to the last Pack Meeting of the summer. Two weeks ago we all made model rockets, today was the launch. But first we watched all the cubs cross over to their next rank. 
David got his Bobcat award, so we're officially set and working hard on the Tiger requirements. We had several boys move up in rank, then one Webelows that crossed over to Boy Scouts. So excited for him! There is a big troop here that a number of packs feed into. They've been around for 80 years and are very good. A part of me hopes we stay in this area just so we can remain a part of this scouting community!

 Rocket launch! Way fun, and I'm not sure who was more excited about those rockets, the boys or the dads!

 At some point David discovered a killdeer nest. That was pretty neat...
 ... Until I found a baby squirrel!
Yes, that is Jonathan's pant leg it is climbing. Poor thing was shaking and chirping. I wish I could say that he was put next to one of the trees so his mom could find him (the kids were climbing the trees all night, I'm betting they knocked him out), but we pulled him out of the middle of the parking lot and someone was afraid he'd been abandoned and took him home to help him out until they could release him. I'll ask how he is doing at the kick-off meeting in August.

So now comes the fun. Jonathan is, or course, ready to dive into being a Scouting family. I'm excited, David is pretty excited. I think it will be a good thing. We've got the Academics and Spots program manual as well as the family program manual. We've got lots of great goals and ideas and I'm looking forward to watching it shape up in our family.

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