Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day Camp: Day 3

I was finally feeling fully prepared for that Tot Lot and it was just me and Peter today. :)
As we were leaving for camp, hustling kids out the door, Andi asked where we were going. When I told her we were going to Day Camp she lost it. We dragged her into the car, got her buckled in. To snap her out of her meltdown I asked if she'd just like to go home and I'd leave her there all day with Daddy. She nodded, then proceeded to unbuckle and try to get out the door. And she really tried to walk home. She was only four or five doors down, so I followed her home and made sure she got inside. But if she was that determined to stay home I wasn't going to make her come. I figure two full days outside was enough for her, I wasn't going to make her miserable and take her anyway. So I got to camp with one less kid to worry about. I spent a half hour with this guy...

But no one else showed up. Then it turns out no other families brought their little ones. So I was off the hook for most of the day and got to spend time doing what I'd really wanted to do: spend time with David!

David had a fantastic day. He again did really well at archery (he's a natural in that arena) and he got to spend time with the local robotics team. He controlled the t-shirt cannon for a spell. That was pretty awesome.

Next up: obstacle course. They called it mini-Philmont. David had a buddy and away they went through the course. They did very well, even managing to be one of the first teams to quickly get both of the partners through a hula hoop. They stood back-to-back and lifted the hoop up and over themselves whereas all the previous teams individually stepped through the hoop. Clever boys...

After lunch they had a carnival. The boys earned tickets for each of their dens. At the end of the day the den with the most tickets got first dibs on a bunch of popsicles.

(Post-popsicle with the robot his den built at crafts that day.)

While getting popsicles a fire engine pulled up into the park. After closing ceremonies the kids happily got soaked. I lost track of David pretty quickly. There were a few times I spotted him...

After getting TotLot packed up we were all ready to head out. On the way home I asked David what he thought, if he'd had fun. He gave an enthusiastic response, so I asked him if he understood now why Dad and I had insisted he work that lemonade stand last week. He did, and he also looks forward to working it again next year so he can go to Day Camp again. Which is exactly the kind of response I wanted him to have. ;)
We got home and had a special treat for David in the form of a letter: Cub Scout support from Gran and Baba. It went into the scouting jar. Thanks, Baba and Gran!

So we're all sunburned with sun-bleached hair. And tired, we're all unbelievably tired. But it was a great week and is David very excited to start earning his awards, belt loops, and pins.

Welcome to Scouting, Dave!

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