Friday, June 28, 2013

+ Six

Much to David's joy a member of my home school forum posted that she had tadpoles to give away. They'd been on the cover of her neighbor's pool. He was trying to open is pool for the summer and didn't want to kill the tadpoles. So instead he sought out new homes for the little guys. We came home with six, and I don't think David could be happier.

They are tiny right now, barely an inch long. But already we've noticed that they've gotten bigger in just the day that we've had them.

Of course I got the bright idea that this could take care of some Cub Scout stuff while at the same time giving him some fun school work to do every day. So here's the plan:

Using his own library card,  David will check out several books from the library about tadpoles and frogs. He is part of the summer reading program at the library, so this will fit in perfectly with that program. We'll read the books together, and he'll report to me what he's learned. We'll record all of that in his Cub journal. He'll write a report and short stories about his tadpoles and how he's taking care of them.

Next, I'll teach him about the different features of my camera and how to use it. I have a diagram that David will fill out, and he'll record what he's learned in his journal. We'll discuss how photography helps us and has contributed to our lives and to the world at large. Then he'll teach his dad about what he's learned. Under close supervision he'll take pictures of his tadpoles and chart their growth and development.

When the tadpoles are ready we will release them into the swamp behind the house. At that point the bulk of the project will be finished and we'll start in on a book about his tadpoles. Using his pictures and journal entries we are going to make a scrapbook about our adventures with the tadpoles. It will include a table of contents, index, and glossary, all of the pictures he's taken and the posters he's constructed, and other tidbits of information we collect along the way. David will design a front cover for his book then we'll print it off. Walgreens has a great paperback book option that is rather inexpensive, though if I find a good deal we'll do a hardbound book. David will take the book to a pack meeting read his book and share what he's learned and our experiences with the pack.

Here is what he will earn:

  • Tiger Elective 31: Learn about animals.
  • Tiger Elective 14 : Together with your adult partner, read a book or magazine.
  • Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program: Pet Care Belt Loop
    • Care for your pet for two weeks. Make a list of the tasks that you did to take care of your pet. 
    • Read a book... about your pet. List three new interesting facts that you learned about your pet.
    • Make a poster about your pet. Share your poster with your den, pack, or family.
  • Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program: Photography Belt Loop
    • Point out the major features of a camera to your den or family and explain the function of each part.
    • Discuss with your adult partner the benefits and contributions photography makes to modern life.
    • Using a camera, take at least 10 pictures of your family, pet, or scenery; show these to your den.
  • Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program: Reading and Writing Belt Loop:
    • Visit a library and get your own library card. Check out and return a book.
    • Write a letter or a short story. Read it to your den or family.
    • Keep a diary of your activities for one week. Read it to your den or family.
  • Cub Scouts and Academics and Sports Program: Reading and Writing Pin:
    • Requirement 1 - Locate and identify the following parts of a book: title, author, spine, cover, table of contents, and index.
    • Requirement 3 - Participate in a school or community organized reading program. : We have David signed up in for the reading program at the library.
    • Requirement 5 - Create a bookmark that you can use, or design a book cover.
    • Requirement 7 - Write a poem and read it to a family member.
    • Requirement 8 - Write a short report about something of interest to you. Read your report to your den or family.
  • Cube Scouts Academics and Sports Program: Computer Belt Loop:
    • Explain the parts of a personal computer.
    • Demonstrate how to start up and shut down a personal computer properly.
    • Use your computer to prepare and print a document.
This will also be a great opportunity for us to continue some schooling through the summer. Reading and writing, science, and math will all be included in this big project, and I think it will give him some focus to the school work and make it easier for him to finish.

I'm hoping it works out well!

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