Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Camp: Day 2

 Day 2 was much better. April (the other mother), Tina (the grandmother) Chris (another mother and Tina's daughter), and I had a much better day. We all sort of pooled our resources and brought crafts from home for us all to do. I managed a trip to the dollar store right before closing to pick up pool noodles, sponges, and zip ties to make a game. We played water wars in the middle of the day with the above gang, plus one. :)

We had free-play time, craft time, snacks (provided by the camp), took excursions to the big playground outside the fence (that fenced section was amazing, and the fence so convenient!), had lunch, did our water war, then more free-play time. Before we knew it the time was 2:00 and it was almost time to go. For some reason that last half hour really drags, but the kids were happy and the adults stayed busy. Big change from yesterday! Tomorrow will be scary, though, because I'll be all on my own. Not sure how many kids are going to be there. Today we had six kids and four adults, I'm sort of crossing my fingers that it will be just me and my kids in the tot lot if the other moms and their kids aren't going to be there.

I did get out to see D a couple of times. This kid is a natural at archery! He needed a little help getting the string back, but he has good aim and did very well.

 By the end of the day everyone was tired. Poor baby took one 15 minute nap and then was up the rest of the day. Up until right before we got in the car, that is...
Cutie. When we got home we had dinner and the kids took baths. The dirt on all three of them was amazing!

Liking my orange shirt. Glad I was able to help fill a need. The camp was audited (?) and was awarded something. The director was really proud of the camp, and thanked all the staffers for making that happen. Not sure exactly what all happened, but I think it was a good thing.

Last day tomorrow.

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