Friday, August 30, 2013

End of Summer Party

Our stake hosts an end-of-summer bash every year. We haven't made it out before but decided we'd definitely go this year.

The kids had a blast! There was so much to do, and some yummy treats to eat. Of course the kids hit the dessert table first.
But we all got our fill of hot dogs, sloppy joes, and nachos.
Andi about died when she saw the pony. When we told her she could ride the pony she was so excited!
His name is Oscar, and he is actually a horse! A pony sized horse. We all got a chuckle out of that.
Peter had a grand time, too. He climbed all over the place and made the biggest fuss over the snow cone ice (minus the stuff, we just had plain snow cones).

David climbed a few places, too.

Andi decided she wanted her face painted.
She told Brother Cohen she wanted a very big butterfly on her face. A pink and a purple one.

He obliged.
Last photo of the little besties! We're sure going to miss Melia around here!

David then begged us to let him sit in the dunk tank. Didn't take long for him to get dunked!

He enjoyed it!

Then Andi got a balloon parrot that I inherited somehow.
And Jonathan fell asleep in the car. :)
Poor guy. It was a long day. The evening was great, we'll go back next year. This summer has really come to a close quickly. I feel like it barely started! Oh well. Time flies when you're having fun!

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