Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Rolls

We've been terrible about Andi's diet lately. Really terrible. I've noticed a big difference in her comprehension and behavior, so I decided we'd had enough. Thing is, I had lots of stuff we needed to use. So I made cinnamon rolls. Four pans went to neighbors and the missionaries, we had one. And now all of the non-Paleo friendly things are out of the house, we didn't waste anything, and we had one last hoorah before we dig into our veggie-stuffed fridge.

In other news, Andi has been wandering around the house this last week singing. She makes up songs, she sings songs we sing during FHE or when she is at nursery... It makes me happy to hear her singing.

During Conference this last April someone gave a talk and he mentioned that a child who sings is a happy child. I believe that it certainly applies to Andi. I might need to introduce Elder Falabella to David, though. A couple years ago I heard David pounding on the piano and singing "My fish is dead!" bangbangbang!!! "My friends are dead!" bangbangbangbang!!! "And sooooooooomebody KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLED my parents!!" When I asked him what he was singing he gave me a serious look and whispered, "The Deadly Song."

Um.... yeah. Happy child.

But Andi is happy! I hope. No death songs from her!

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